Cyber City is an online gathering of urban Apologists, designed to tackle today’s toughest Biblical issues.
The First Annual Cyber City Apologetic Conference is quickly approaching and we’re excited! Thank you so much for considering being a part of this revolutionary experiment. We can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do through this one of a kind event.

Cyber City Schedule

Thursday Mar. 19, 2020

Vocab Malone


Vocab holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Phoenix Seminary. Vocab’s ministry focus is urban apologetics and he has done a number of debates and dialogues with Muslims, atheists, and “Hebrew Israelites”.

Friday mar. 20th, 2020

Brandon Cleaver

The Problem with So-Called “Colorblind Theology”  (& Other Wrong “Racial” Views)

“In our culture, ethnicity is frequently an integral part of societal issues. Our perspectives on this subject can influence how we view and treat our neighbor. This talk will explore the problem of a colorblind theology, give a glimpse of how Jesus interacted with other ethnic groups, and ultimately show how the Gospel provides clarity and good news to all ethnic identities. “

Brandon Cleaver is an itinerant speaker who has a passion for sharing the truth about Jesus Christ and the Christian worldview. He graduated from Michigan State University with a major in journalism and minor in sociology. He recently completed a master in Christian apologetics from Biola University and is currently working toward a master of divinity with a specialization in interdisciplinary studies at Moody Theological Seminary.

Brandon enjoys speaking on topics such as slavery in the Bible, culture and Christianity, ethics, urban issues, and various worldviews. For several years, Brandon served as Co-Chapter Director for the Wayne State Ratio Christi chapter. He served on the Stephen Ministry leadership team at Kensington Community Church and occasionally serves alongside Inner City Detroit Cru. Also, he currently serves on the Rochester University Spiritual Formation Advisory Group.

Brandon enjoys playing various sports and reading, but mostly spending time with his two sons, daughter, and wonderful wife.

Rick Caldwell

The Problem with (so-called)
“Moderate” “Hebrew Israelites

This session will examine the key biblical/theological problems with “moderate” Hebrew Israelites teachings.  Issues pertaining to the holiness of God, law and gospel, the person and work of Christ Jesus, justification by faith alone will be explored.  Common objections from the Hebrew Israelite perspective will also be addressed.

Rick Caldwell is a Bible teacher at Lakewood Church of Christ in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is actively involved in various church ministries and initiatives, especially initiatives that focus on the urban context.  He has over 20 years experience in the information technology field and currently resides in Woodstock, Georgia with his wife Maricruz.

MJ Jackson

The Problem with
“Kemetic Science” Sources


In my Session, I will layout a little history regarding the rise of Kemet, we will also take a look at how some wield Kemet as a weapon to attack the Biblical Worldview and lastly we will analyze the use of their sources.

MJ Jackson was raised on the West Side of Fort Worth, Texas.  He is a member of Destiny Church in Fort Worth.  He holds a Bachelors of Science from Mid-America Christian University and is currently working on his Masters at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.  His primary focus in ministry is urban apologetics, leadership studies and worldview analysis.  MJ is a member of Shield Squad and is married to ChiAyrsh Ford Jackson.

Vada H.

The Problem of Slavery in the Bible

Have you ever heard that the Bible endorses slavery?  And when you think of slavery, with the first thing that comes to your mind?  Is it the ugly history in the Antebellum south of America?  This presentation reviews the differences, if any, in the “slavery” that is described in the Bible and if the Bible is championing the idea at all.

Vada is a former atheist, gang member and secular rap artist who is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a reborn man.  Christian Apologetics played a significant role in his accepting of Jesus Christ as Lord and it plays a major role in his current ministry.  Having studied under scholars Dr. Daniel Wallace, Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. Gary Habermas, he is also a direct mentee of scholars/authors like J. Warner Wallace, Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. Sean McDowell and others.  Point being, he is a humble student of God’s Word.

He hosts IsHeARealOne Radio, a Christian Apologetic radio program that is available on iHeartRadio (a platform with over 128 million subscribers), YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn and other apps.  He also runs which serves as a website for Christian Apologetics and theology.

Nefer Nitty

The Problem with Yoruba Syncretism

In an effort to get “back to their roots,” many African Americans are now returning to African Traditional Religion. Some make the argument that it is compatible with Christianity. Others take it a step further and say that Christianity is a type of African Traditional Religion. This presentation will discuss the validity of these arguments and the dangers of toying with the spirit world.

Nefer Nitty is a Christian Apologist, Attorney, Educator, Speaker, Wife, and Homeschooling Mother of Five. I spend my time helping others- whether it be fighting their legal battles, helping them feel secure in their Christianity, or helping them develop a positive Bible-based mindset. 

All of these are ministries to me. My passions for justice, truth, and education have led me to launch a YouTube channel and two podcasts. 

My dream is to serve my community full time in this ministry- offering my knowledge to individuals, churches, and youth groups to help them feel secure in their Christianity while being Black and to help them feel secure in their Blackness while being Christian. 

Chris Samuel

Intro to Textual Criticism: Problems & Solutions 

Many people question the accuracy and reliability of the Bible. Textual Criticism is the art and science of examining the authenticity of historical documents, including the Bible. This talk will briefly survey the historical methodologies of biblical textual criticism and offer some apologetics applications.

Chris Samuel is a husband, father of two, and Christian Apologist. As an avid reader and intellectual, he has spent the past 25 years learning and understanding the Christian Worldview. Having a passion for theology, evangelism, and disciple-making, apologetics became a natural intersection, engaging them all.

Chris specializes in Metacognition and High Context Apologetics. His focuses include Biblical Humanities, the Problem of Evil, and many other topics that he has investigated over the years.

He is a Teacher, Discipleship Coordinator, and tenured youth leader at Lake Pointe Bible Church in Plymouth, MI. Chris serves as a board member of Advanced Ministries, a mission’s organization in Dearborn, MI.

Chris is a boxing enthusiast and enjoys playing many sports such as basketball, Fowling, and Ultimate Frisbee. He loves reading and discussing books, movies, music, travel, and is a foodie. 

Chris can be reached at

Saturday Mar. 21, 2020

Jourdan Ortiz

The Problem with Bad Hermeneutics 

This session by Jourdan Ortiz of Servant of Christ Ministries will demonstrate the importance of rightly diving the word of God.  There are no shortages of cults and self-proclaimed Christian groups whose misinterpretations have resulted in the broken homes, psychological torture, and the shattered lives of its victims; causing many to have distorted view of God.  Therefore, during this lesson you will be trained on how to study the word of God and use the greatest weapon against such doctrines – Context!

Jourdan Ortiz is the founder and minister of Servant of Christ Ministries.  Motivated by his traumatic experience in a religious cult and his desire for truth, he decided to begin an online YouTube ministry whose primary mission is to provide a dependable and accessible biblical resource worldwide to help individuals avoid deception. Jourdan also serves the healthcare industry in the field of Occupational Therapy where he resides in Atlanta, Ga. with his beautiful wife Michelle.  His hobbies include writing, recording voiceovers, and travelling.

“Swerve” Williams

The Problem with the Qur’an

Islam has a significant foothold in the black community. Black adherents make up about 20% of all Muslims and half are said to be “converts” to Islam. One reason black Americans gravitate towards Islam is that they come to believe the Bible is unreliable, while the Qur’an is thought to be PERFECT. Is the Qur’an truly an unchanged book from God? Was the Qur’an preserved word for word and letter for letter, as Allah and his army of apologists tell us? In this session, we’ll examine these claims directly from the Islamic sources.

ERVIN grew up in what most would consider the typical black Pentecostal Church. He grew up singing, praising, and attending emotionally driven sermons.  It wasnt until he met his wife,  a Sunni Muslim when he began to approach Christianity with skepticism and curiosity. It was then in 2009 he began his journey researching and anazlying the Quran, Hadith, the existence of God, and the rational basis of Christianity.

Chris Featherstone

The Problem with the Prosperity Gospel

What is the Prosperity Gospel, and how has the church been affected by it? Chris Featherstone from the ViZion United Podcast dives into the errors of the Prosperity Gospel/Word of Faith movement, and scripture passages  that are taken out of context to support this false doctrine. Tune into the Cyber City Apologetics Conference to learn more, and ask your questions!

Chris Featherstone is a current PhD Candidate in Forensic Psychology, and has a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Chris began his journey in Apologetics in 2007, nine years after becoming a Christian.

Despite his upbringing as a Lutheran, Chris began to doubt God while in high school. Eventually, Chris became a skeptic, and left the church. In 1998, Chris accepted the call to come to Christ, and started his journey as a Christ-follower.

For nearly nine years, Chris was involved in a Prosperity Gospel/Word of Faith ministry, and was blinded to the emphasis of this form of theology until he left the church in 2006. Experiencing a major crossroads of staying in church vs. going back to worldly living, Chris decided to delve in to the realm of Apologetics, being influenced by names such as John Ankerberg, Walter Martin, Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig, and Ravi Zacharias.

After seven years in the sports podcast industry, Chris began his Theology & Apologetics podcast, ViZion United Podcast, in 2019. Since its inception, Chris has covered topics such as Cults, Margaret Sanger, the Apocrypha, expository teaching on Bible chapters, and theology in relation to pop culture, and more. Chris has also interviewed several warriors in the Christian Apologetics field, such as Mike Winger, Braxton Hunter, and Vocab Malone. 

Rasool Berry

The Problem with Ignoring Biblical Justice

No Justice, No Peace! We live in a time of great injustice in our world and when many in the church are suspicious and hostile to Christians talking about justice. What place does advocacy and justice have in the Christian faith? What’s the problem with ignoring biblical justice? Join us as we dive into to this crucial issue.

Rasool serves the teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn and as a team member with Embark, a non-profit focused onmillennials. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Africana Studies and Sociology.

Rasool’s name means ‘messenger’ in Arabic. It’s fitting because he is passionate about communicating spiritual truths into the language and ethos of our times, especially to college students and young adults. His writing has been featured in outlets such as Christianity Today, The Witness, Relevant Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and Faithful Magazine. Rasool enjoys  all forms of storytelling and seeks to translate life experiences through a Christian worldview. He lives in Brooklyn, with his wife Tamica and daughter, Ire’Ana.

BK Apologist

“The Problem with the Conscious Community”

BK Apologist will be taking a deep dive into the Kemetic worldview so we can have a better understanding of seeing the world through an ancient Nile valley lens in comparison to seeing it through the eyes of Jesus

Native New yorker BK Apologist has been a Christian for 30 years and has served in various ministries (campus, singles, and children) and preaches semi-regularly at his church. he and his wife provide pre-marital counseling and lead an informal bible study group on the upper west side of manhattan. He is a big star wars nerd and is a great fan of 90’s hip hop

Adam Coleman

The Problem with Black Atheism.

So-called “Black Atheism” seems to be a worldview that is gaining traction in the black community.  Unfortunately, many Christians are ill-equipped to engage atheists with the gospel and in defending the faith.  In this session, Adam Coleman will explore the inadequacies of atheism and respect to both it’s eternal consequences and moral implications that would undermine the black community’s ability to thrive.

Adam Coleman is passionate about equipping Christians with evidence for the Faith and engaging the culture.  he is a husband, father of four busy children, social worker, writer and public speaker.  Upon graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master’s in Social Work Adam began a career of community development, mentoring youth, and service to our nation’s veterans.  Currently Adam is primarily focussed on using his Tru-ID Apologetics Youtube Channel, “Tru-ID Podcast”, writing, and public speaking to promote the gospel of Christ through Christian apologetics.


The Problem with
1 West “Hebrew Israelites”

Everywhere you look, Hebrew Israelism is growing. But how do the beliefs of most “Hebrew Israelites” mesh — or clash — with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Vocab Malone is a Christian apologist and researcher of “Hebrew Israelite” history, doctrine, and practice. He will share the main problems with their main ideas and what you must know to protect yourself (and others) from this new and largely unbiblical religion.

Vocab holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Phoenix Seminary. Vocab’s ministry focus is urban apologetics and he has done a number of debates and dialogues with Muslims, atheists, and “Hebrew Israelites”.



The Solution for People Leaving the Church
The Solution for the New Attacks on Christianity 

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